Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Corinth Active Rift Development: a view from the office

IODP Expedition 381
View 1: introduction

This morning is my first time in the empty office since my colleagues Erwan Le Ber and Laurence Phillpot departed for adventures offshore on Corinth Active RIft Development: IODP Expedition 381 as the Expedition Petrophysics Staff Scientist and EPC Petrophysicist respectively. One of the tasks I am looking forward to while they are offshore is explaining some of the exciting downhole logging and core petrophysical measurements in near-real time.

The Corinth Active Rift development is the eight Mission Specific Platform (MSP) Expedition and the seventh since I joined the EPC team at Leicester. Both Erwan and Laurence previously sailed offshore on the highly successful Chixculub K-Pg Impact Crater: IODP Expedition 364 (refer to earlier blog posts). This experience helps the team be excited for the work ahead and ready for the challenges each expedition throws up that are unique.

Photo: the actual view from my office this morning, but this is less petrophysically interesting than a picture from offshore (unless you really like trees and squirrels), so the next blog update will feature a view from Erwan or Laurence on the drillship Fugro Synergy.

The ship set sail from Malta yesterday and is on route to meet the scientists in Corinth. Watch this space!

In the meantime, for more information see the Expedition 381 webpage or the Expedition 381 blog

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