Friday, 8 December 2017

Corinth Active Rift Development: a brief update on several aspects of the petrophysics

IODP Expedition 381
View 7: much closer to the end of the offshore phase

So this is like the blog title suggests………..a very brief update! The offshore team have now completed the second site. While some of us in EPC are expecting a snowy weekend to come, the offshore contingent are looking forward to a (probably!) quieter weekend than the previous one. Last weekend, the second downhole logging was in full swing, and there were some challenges to keep it interesting. This is where the Petrophysics Staff Scientist is simultaneously a very demanding but very satisfying role, as it is essential to keep abreast of all developments and be able to rapidly communicate these to all key players offshore, make accurate decisions and coordinate the way forward to successfully acquiring data downhole. We look forward to a future blog post summarising the logging but in the meantime, note the concentration on the faces of the logging team!
Concentration during logging! (photo credit: L. Phillpot)
The MSCL has been uneventful. That is good, as this means data acquisition of petrophysical properties on whole round cores is progressing well. And again, there was time to measure cores for QAQC during the downhole logging.

QAQC core awaiting measurement on the MSCL (photo credit: L. Phillpot)
In other petrophysical expedition news, Sally, Malgorzata and Nataliya (the latter being temporary IODP employees to help with measurements onshore) were recently in Bremen to set up the first equipment ready for the cores arriving back from the ship in January. Again, watch this space for more details soon! 


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