Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Corinth Active Rift Development: end of offshore....time for Bremen!

IODP Expedition 381
View 8: offshore phase is complete so let's get ready for the onshore phase!

The Pre-Pre-OSP took place at MARUM in Bremen 4-7 December 2017. Our team (Sally, Malgorzata, and Nataliya) set-up and tested Thermal Conductivity (TC) equipment. The training on the half-space line source (HQL) and the full space line source (VLQ or needle probe), including 2-phase measurement practice, was given by Lothar (a very professional and creative technician from Aachen University). We went through both methods but only a VLQ needle probe will be used for IODP Expedition 381 (Corinth Active Rift Development). We took time to familiarise with operating procedures and even become Drilling Masters! TC equipment is now secured in the reefer at MARUM for Christmas holidays waiting for Pre-OSP in January.

Malgorzata Bednarz and Lothar Ahrensmeier during thermal conductivity set-up (photo credit: Nataliya Denchik)
The training was very instructive with a lot of notes taken during this week. Thanks for Malgorzata to complete existing TC operating procedures and to create a new very useful TC manual!
And Bremer Weinnachtsmarkt (Bremen Christmas Market) with over 170 decorated stalls was an ideal place for relaxing in the evenings. A lot of food and drink to taste: different kind of sausages (Krakauer, Bratwurst, Rostbratwurst, Bregenwurst…) as well as Beer and Glühwein (mulled wine, with rum for braves).

Bremer Weinnachtsmarkt (photo credit: Nataliya Denchik)